JOHANSSON & SPECKMANN Teach a Class of Death Metal in “From The Mouth Of Madness”

The deadly duo JOHANSSON & SPECKMANN strikes back with its fourth attack, armed with nine new tracks full of old schoolish, monstrous and dark brooding heaviness!
After collaborating on a song for the first MEGASCAVENGER album, Paul Speckmann and Rogga Johansson decided that working on a full album together would be the next thing to do. Said and done: in 2013, they unleashed their debut “Sulphur Skies” and presented a perfect mix of their main bands MASTER and PAGANIZER. Since then the guys have released a split 7″ and two more full-lengths, “Mask Of The Treacherous” in 2015 and the highly acclaimed “Edge Of The Abyss” in 2016, which was their first album for Soulseller Records.
On “From The Mouth Of Madness,” the Death Metal masterminds are once again backed up by drummer Brynjar Helgetun, who also took care of the mix and mastering, and lead guitarist Kjetil Lynghaug. The artwork was created by Roberto Toderico. No frills, no bulls**t – true old school to the death!

Track Listing:
1. The Demons Night (3:56)
2. Is This Just Virtual? (3:39)
3. Remove The Creep (3:30)
4. Condemned (3:19)
5. Why Fear (3:30)
6. Heal The Strain (3:35)
7. The Heathen Of The Night (3:15)
8. The Fallen Angel (3:16)
9. Kill And Kill (3:32)

Paul Speckmann – Vocals
Rogga Johansson – Guitars, Bass
Kjetil Lynghaug – Lead Guitars
Brynjar Helgetun – Drums

“The Demons Night” is available for streaming at Sound Cloud.

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