John Diva & The Rockets of Love – American Amadeus Review

First of all this kind of band name bothers me a lot due to its 1950s layout and style. The 1950s music and fashion is really something that doesn’t attract me at all. In my mind they represent everything Metal music stands against. So, I thought it would be one more generic rock band with that generic sound that covers all generations of rock or something else. But whatever, this isn’t the subject here.

When I saw the name of the band my first intent was to avoid it. And I almost did it. But somehow I saw the bands’ pics and decided to review it anyway. As I said many times, I love to proven wrong. This album is very interesting indeed. First track “Voodoo Sex & Vampires” has an interesting and awkard name, but I guess the track covers a lot all about the spirit of rock, especially the one of the 1980s hard rock. In despite of their name, John Diva & The Rockets of Love follow the standards of 1980s Hard Rock in especial from a band that I think is so unfairly slammed. This band is Poison! Yeah, I said it. There are lots of elements of Poison here, more notably from the “Flesh & Blood” era where track “Drip Drip Baby” bass lines and guitar follow the steps of “Unskinny Bop,” the greatest hit of the album. Well, to me a great honor. All the spirit of the band and the era is here in the choruses, if you ask me. There are also instant anthems full of emotion and messages as “This Is Rock’n’Roll” with its iconic guitar intro with strong choruses. Just the way the hard rocker loves and cherishes. And, of course, as the grand finale a power balad in the form of “2Hearts” with an acoustic guitar that drips sugar everywhere. More 1980s impossible. Hum, the thing is that I like this very much. It makes me remember the precious good times. By the way, what a pompous and so 1980s album title is “American Amadeus.”

Okay, if you allow me, I feel that these new bands that take their precious time to emulate the 1980s Hard Rock do a great job. In fact, this is it because they don’t try to update it. They just follow the steps that the yore bands used to do. The rest is just the natural outcome of the path they follow. A highlight to the sense of humor that “American Amadeus” is full of from the title of the tracks until the lyrics and videos.

This was a review that I wouldn’t like to do, but I loved doing it.

John Diva & The Rockets of Love “American Amadeus” will be released on January th via Steamhammer / SPV.

Track Listing:

  1. Voodoo, Sex & Vampires
  2. American Amadeus
  3. Soldier of Love
  4. Bling Bling Marilyn
  5. Champagne on Mars
  6. Weekend for a Lifetime
  7. Karmageddon
  8. Wasted (In Babylon)
  9. Movin‘ Back to Paradise
  10. Drip Drip Baby
  11. This Is Rock’n’Roll
  12. 2 Hearts 

Watch “American Amadeus” official video here: