JOHN LYDON Calls Eurovision ‘Disgusting’ Just Days After Submitting Song For Contest

Public Image Ltd. band

The former SEX PISTOLS frontman, John Lydon, has just days after submitting an entry to the Eurovision song contest in hopes of representing Ireland on this year’s edition, called it “disgusting” and “dreadfully phoney”. His band PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. submitted an entry into the competition’s first stages only a couple of days ago.

As reported by Metro, the singer shared his thoughts on the event and said: “It’s absolutely awful, the songs. The whole thing of it is disgusting to me. I’m a songwriter, I perform live, and these shows just come across as so dreadfully phoney to me. But look, we’re giving it a chance to break out of that mould.”

When asked about how the band was looking to “break the mould”, Lydon offered: “I’ve no idea. Apparently, I have to do karaoke over a backing track.”

The band offered their new song “Hawaii” for inclusion in this 67th iteration of the renowned European music competition.

You can hear the song below.