Jonkal – This Fight Is My Own Review

If there is one thing that I do like is instrumental albums, but this Jonkal “This Fight Is My Own” really has something different in it. And I call tell you right now what it is. It is the fact that is a Power Metal effort. I don’t know why listening to it made me like even more Power Metal efforts. I guess it gets more powerful when it’s instrumental due to the lack of vocals. Not that vocals strange the thing. It’s not that. It’s just the music gets more potent, punchful and pungent – wow three adjects with ‘p.’ The feeling is that without the vocals we pay more attention to the instrumentals. Duh! you may say, but it’s true. Vocals diverge our attention and about Power Metal it seem to make a real difference.

One might that “This Fight Is My Own” is one more album of a show-off shredder who has nothing else better to do than play long and technical guitar solos. Well, it’s not really wrong that  way of putting it. This album is all of this. However, it’s much more than simply shredding and showing off. The album has lots of emotion and feelings that only the Metal guitar can deliver embellished by a competent team of players from the thundering drumming of opening track “Remember” to the amazing bass “Enter the Soul.” I guess it’ not enough to say that the feeling one gets from “This Fight Is My Own” is that everything is right in order.

Instrumental albums attracts me the most because they really show all the musician’s prowness and the way they deal with their songs. “Fury” and “I Choose to Be” – just to get some samples – are tracks that call the ye of the fan with well-put and amazing guitar solos. It’s breathless the way Jonkal build up the songs and the solos with the right doses of technique prowness and emotion. The moody beginning of “All the Roads Leads to” is also pretty damn good with the echoing effect given.

Finally, “This Fight Is My Own” is an album of guitars for whom loves guitars.

Jonkal “This Fight Is My Own” was independently released on November 03rd.

Track Listing:

  1. Remember
  2. This Fight Is My Own
  3. I Choose to Be
  4. Fury
  5. All the Roads Leads to
  6. The Begginings
  7. Reborn
  8. Enter the Soul

Watch “This Fight Is My Own” official video here: