JUDAS PRIEST Manager Says K.K. DOWNING Lost Confidence After Leaving the Band

Judas Priest Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony

It was a particularly momentous day when JUDAS PRIEST, one of the world’s most influential heavy metal bands, were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. On November 5th, not only was the band celebrated with an induction ceremony, but they also gave an electrifying performance that included former guitarist K.K. Downing. Recently, Jayne Andrews, manager for JUDAS PRIEST, had a conversation with Gloria Butler, wife and manager of Geezer Butler from BLACK SABBATH, about this special event on an episode of “Gabbing With Girlfriends.”

“It was a bit strange, to be honest, because I dealt with everything for [K.K.] and [ex-JUDAS PRIEST drummer] Les Binks [who was also being inducted],” Jayne said. “Les, I’d never met him before. I never had any reason to have any dealings with him. But he seemed really nice — really friendly. He came and introduced himself to me. We bumped into him at the airport; they were on the same flight as us. And Ken [K.K.] just kept himself to himself. Even when he got on stage with the band [to perform at the Rock Hall], he didn’t really communicate much with anybody.”

After Gloria referred to the situation as “sad” and “bizarre,” Jayne explained: “Well, it was, because, to me, if ever there was a time to try and build bridges, that was it. It was such a massive accolade for all of them — for [K.K.] and for Les and for Rob [Halford, vocals] and Glenn [Tipton, guitar] and Ian [Hill, bass] and Scott [Travis, drums]. And [ex-JUDAS PRIEST drummer] Dave Holland, who’s no longer with us, but he was inducted.

“We all said, any grievances or problems, we put them behind us. This is a very positive time. And that’s the way we looked at it. And it’s just a shame that [K.K.] didn’t seem to look at it the same way,” she continued. “It’s sad for him, really, because it shows — I don’t know. It shows, really, that all the things that he says, when he had the opportunity, he didn’t take it. He could have stuck his head around the door, in the dressing room, ’cause they’d arranged separate dressing rooms.

“Well, there’s five of them [in the current lineup], anyway, in the band, so you don’t need another two in there as well. It was better, because, obviously, I didn’t know what would be happening, how the atmosphere would be. But, to me, he should have just stuck his head around the door and said, ‘Thank you for inviting me on stage with you.’ ‘Cause they didn’t have to [perform with Downing and Binks at the Rock Hall]. They were absolutely told, ‘You can go on stage with who you want. You don’t have to go with him or with anybody. You go with your band, as you want.’ I said to the guys. I said, ‘It’s a massive accolade to your careers, to honor you for what you’ve done.’ And I said, ‘It’s eight and a half minutes of your life. Be the bigger men. Invite them both on stage,’ which is what they did. And to me, that would have made him the bigger man, if he had just stuck his head around the door and done that. But, you know, there you go…”

“To be honest — and I probably shouldn’t really say this — [K.K.] seemed a little bit nervous and almost out of his depth,” Jayne added. “And when we talked about it afterwards, we thought, well, PRIEST have carried on touring all these years; he hasn’t. So he’s probably lost a bit of confidence, coming to a big event like that, obviously, [and] having to confront all of us. He didn’t know how we would be… I said we’ve got to see one person. He’s got to see six people, really — five [without] me… But it’s just a shame that once he realized that there was no animosity from our side that he didn’t just stick his head around the door and say ‘thank you.’ But there we go. He didn’t, so never mind.”

PRIEST received the Musical Excellence Award at the event, which honored EminemDolly PartonDURAN DURANLionel RichiePat BenatarEURYTHMICS and Carly Simon in the Performers category.

The PRIEST members that got inducted include current members Rob Halford, Ian Hill, Glenn Tipton and Scott Travis, along with former members K.K. Downing, Les Binks and late drummer Dave Holland.