JUDAS PRIEST’s IAN HILL ON IRON MAIDEN: ‘That Would Be Really Interesting If We Could Get That Together Before Some Of Us Die’

Ian Hill

Brave Words reports that during a conversation with Audio Ink, longtime Judas Priest bassist Ian Hill talked about artists he would like the band to collaborate with, singling out fellow heavy metal icons Iron Maiden among the top picks.

“It will come,” Ian said during the interview, “eventually there will come a time when maybe you aren’t able to perform to your optimum or high standards anyway, and you have to admit to yourself that you’ve got to do other things.

“There will come a time, but for us, it’s not yet. I can see the reasons why they’re doing it, but we’re enjoying it too much at the moment to consider quitting!”

Focusing on the collabs, Hill noted:

“There’s always the big question of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. That would be really interesting if we could get that together before some of us die. It’d be great! [Laughs]

“There are a lot of other bands we’ve played with. We’ve got Uriah Heep, specials guests on this tour. I was a fan of Uriah Heep way back in the day. They go back at least as long as we do, if not a bit further

“You run into these people over the years. We’ve played with quite a few of them, but we’ve got to get together with Iron Maiden.”