JUNE 1974 Release ‘Nemesi’

June 1974 are a solo music project by italian writer and composer Federico Romano created in 2009. His music is not labelable in fact he plays every kind of music from classic to dance electro rock metal music. Every song has its own story and its style without compromise. All his music (more than 250 songs )is available on all digital music stores by Visionaire Records. He collaborates with tons photographers,models,actress for his album singles covers cause he believes music and images can match perfectly. June 1974 are pure art and music 360 degrees in fact “Nemesi” album is very different from previous ones. It’s purely metal rock progressive metal album with some orchestral and some brutal parts and above all the participation of 10 great musicians of amazing rock metal bands.
There’s for the second time on one of his album the bandlogo designed by Christophe Szpajdel (Emperor/Moonspell and tons of others), while the cover was created by Natalie Shau (Cradle Of Filth/Sopor Aeternus). The album was mixed and mastered by Tommy Talamanca (Sadist guitar
player) at Nadir Music Studios and it will be out on 1 June 2018 by Visionaire Records on all worldwide digital music stores like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and so on.
This is the tracklist and guest musicians:
“Sognando Klimt” featuring Gionata Mirai (Il Teatro Degli Orrori)
“Inoubliable” featuring Tommy Talamanca (Sadist)
“Narciso” featuring John Cordoni (Necromass)
“Home” featuring Francesco Conte (klimt 1918)
“Panorama” featuring AndyLaRocque (King Diamond) and Tommy Talamanca (Sadist)
“Nothing Man” featuring Jørgen Munkeby (Shining/Ihsahn)
“Death Note”featuring Patrick Mameli (Pestilence)
“Arcadia” featuring Paul Masvidal (Cynic/Death)
“Creed” featuring James Murphy (Obituary/Death/Testament/Cancer/Gorguts/Disincarnate)
“Beloved” featuring Francesco Sosto (The Foreshadowing)

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