K.K. DOWNING Discusses His Role In Creation Of Heavy Metal Genre

K.K. Downing

During a recent appearance on “Life In Six Strings,” former JUDAS PRIEST guitarist K.K. Downing discussed his role with one of the oldest and most famous bands synonymous with the creation of heavy metal, along with BLACK SABBATH.

“Bear in mind, I’m this young kid, just a young teenager, wanting to hear more of this music that I heard little bits of, but I was very hungry and frustrated that I didn’t have enough of it, that I was compelled to create it,” Downing said. “Because it didn’t exist. Because I wanted more of it. I figured, ‘Okay, I’ll sit down and write the music that I would wanna listen to and hope there’s lots more people out there like me that will [relate] to this music that will do for us — white working-class kids — it’ll do for us what the blues music did for the people that were suffering, and it helped them through their working-class [struggle] and their oppression; maybe this music can do the same for us.

“And that’s what heavy metal is, to me, around the world,” he continued. “And it brought us all together because we can all relate to it. So it’s a very, very interesting subject. And it’s why it’s being created, because if you don’t have the creators, you’re not gonna have the audience that are gonna decide, ‘I like that.’

“So you have to create it first. So, to me, we had, outside of the great progressive blues bands, we had… The next step of JUDAS PRIESTBLACK SABBATHSCORPIONSUFOACCEPT… So you have all of these bands, and eventually, the new wave of them, whoever that might be, starts to come in as well, and obviously, you had IRON MAIDENSAXON and you had the next level of so-called New Wave Of British Heavy Metal bands. So this is the interesting concept. This is why I’m glad and feel so blessed to be born in ’51. The beginning of heavy metal had to happen just around about the time that I was, like, 16, 17, let’s say, 18, to wanna be able to create this for other people to wanna be able to listen to it.”

Downing‘s KK’S PRIEST released its debut album, Sermons Of The Sinner, last October via Explorer1 Music Group/EX1 Records. You can check the album on the Amazon here.

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