K.K. DOWNING: I Have To Accept The Fact That I Will Not Be Invited To Play With JUDAS PRIEST Again

K.K. Downing

Jimmy Kay From Canada’s The Metal Voice spoke to former JUDAS PRIEST guitarist K.K. Downing about his upcoming special guest performance with Ross the Boss Band at Bloodstock Aug 11 2019, starting a band with Tim “Ripper” Owens, the pros and cons of recording Defenders of the Faith.

When asked about his upcoming Bloodstock special guest performance with Ross the Boss band, Downing replied: “The idea of me being at Bloodstock was bounced  around and somebody said if you’re gonna be at Bloodstock would you fancy playing a few songs.

“I said I’m not a solo artist. Then it was suggested to be a special guest with the Ross the Boss band, since they are a 4 piece and having another guitar up there would be ideal opportunity.”

When asked if he had any other opportunities to perform with another band on stage: “To be honest I was expecting at some point a willingness and an opportunity to step back into JUDAS PRIEST. You know how it is, things said in haste, a band is  a relationship, like every husband and wife, every brother and sister.

“But I thought at one point it would be inevitable and I would re-enter JUDAS PRIEST and carry on where we left off but it’s proved not to be the case. So I have to accept that and just move forward. So I am looking forward to being a guest at Bloodstock immensely and I thank Ross and the band.

“One thing I like about Ross and the band they are full on metal, they are dedicated and it’s good to be onstage with people that not only think like me but who have played like me through the decades.”

He also said he would like to work with former JUDAS PRIEST singer Tim “Ripper” Owens again: “I love Ripper to death, not only is he a great guy, he is a great performer and great vocalist. He was not only instrumental but essential for holding PRIEST together through now that we call the Ripper years. Its just a question of picking the other musicians really. If I was to do anything I would have Ripper.”

K.K. left the PRIEST in April 2011, and has since been replaced Richie Faulkner.