Kaos Reign – Epiphany

This Metal world sometimes plays us tricks. And special surprises. I have always thought Cirith Ungol were an unique band because of their vocalist Tim Baker, whose style was unforgetable. But, there is always one, I received this Kaos Reign whose vocalist, Bill Klopfer, has the same screechy unique way of singing. So, as I simply love Cirith Ungol, it was love at first sight.

I mean no offense at all, but “Epiphany” works out an updated version of Cirith Ungol with a more modern grip. Who knows Cirith Ungol will certainly agree with me. The guitar in Cirith Ungol is also a stapler, but very few are aware of that. Kaos Reign guys are. The guitar work in “Epiphany” is a very personal one. And when I say that it is personal it is not because the guy is a virtuoso. You do not have to be a virtuoso to be personal. Tony Iommi was not, for instance. Bill Klopfer handles the tones with mastery and deals very creatively with riffing. The man is a riffing powerhouse. Listen to “Placebo” to get what I am talking about. Doomiest impossible. Ah, let’s not forget that he also does the singing. Pretty awesome.

Yeah, Kaos Reign are a band of strong personality. I like that. No fear to do what they please. A good example is “Isolation Chamber” whose uncanny snare drum high tone and guitar playing give a highlight to the song. By the way, Chris Anderson does a pretty good job with his sticks. The man really knows how, and when, to use double bass techniques. Check it out in “Selfish Backstabber.” “The Criminal Inside” shows a very mature band which avoids common places. Pay attention on the guitar riff and the drumming. The drums does not follow exctly rhythm guitar as it would be expected. Only the best can do that.

Kaos Reign “Epiphany” is an album for those who like bands with personality.

Track Listing:

  1. Selfish Backstabber
  2. Dispacth the Threat
  3. Lethal Injection
  4. Epiphany
  5. The Criminal Inside
  6. Parasite
  7. Under the Knife
  8. Everyone Is Offended
  9. How Do You Sleep At Night
  10. Punish Myself
  11. Placebo
  12. Isolation Chamber.

Watch “Deathwish” official lyric video here: