KAOS REIGN Release Video For “Selfish Backstabber”

The power trio KAOS REIGN was formed in the Winter of 2013 by Bill Klopfer (Guitars/Vocals) and Chris Anderson (Drums). They unleashed their debut full-length album, “Embrace the Fire” in 2014 which featured crushing guitars, gritty vocals, and thrash/groove drumming. Two years later in 2016, Kaos Reign returned with, “Screaming for Salvation” which consists of continuous well-structured metal compositions that show off the progression of their original sound. And now they are coming with their new effort called “Epiphany,” the new attack to your ears.

KAOS REIGN are releasing a video for “Selfish Backstabber” from their album “Epiphany,” which will blast on April 02nd. The video had Amplified Video Productions in charge of the cinematography, was edited by by Chris Anderson and located in Cherry Street Station – Wallingford, CT.

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Watch the video here: