KARCIUS Are from the ‘Grey, White, Silver, Yellow, and Gold’

Karcius are a band from Montreal, Canada, teamed with unique musical vision. Combined, they create a unique style of Art Rock, emanating from Grunge, Prog, Metal, Pop, World grooves and Film music. The group was formed in spring 2001 with Simon L’Espérance on guitars, Thomas Brodeur on drums, Sébastien Cloutier on Keyboard and Sylvain Auclair on bass and vocals. Since then they built an esthetic flirting with Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Radiohead and Foo Fighters to name a few. Each of these solid musicians are constantly active in the local and international music scene, especially in Europe. Through diverse musical projects, the quartet has acquired experience and maturity, thus enabling them to conceive and ideate unique musical blends and explore boundless sonic opportunities.

Band Line Up:
Sylvain Auclair – Vocals, Bass, Percussions
Thomas Brodeur – Drums, Percussions, Programming and Sound Design
Sébastien Cloutier – Piano, B3, Wurlitzer, Synths, Mellotrons, Back Vocals
Simon L’Espérance – Guitars, Synths, Percussions, Keyboards and Loops Programming

CD Track Listing:
1- Parasite
2- Supernova
3- The Ladder
4- Cosmic Rage
5- Distance Kills
6- A Needle Tree

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