KARG Will Release ‘Traktat’

KARG were founded back in the summer of 2006 as a one-man project by J.J. of HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY.

Between 2010 & 2014 KARG were fully formed as a band to play gigs, formally in Germany, Austria and Central Europe. Since that time, like in its beginning, KARG were a one-man project and with it’s critically acclaimed, sixth studio album “Dornenvögel the project was rebirthed as a full band for live performances.

The musical style of KARG are a furious, hysteric mixture of atmospheric black metal and a huge load of post-rock, with additional influences of grunge, shoegaze and post-punk. Those inspirations outside of black metal evolved more and more over the last few years but were present in abridged form since day one. Lyrically, KARG have always delved into more of the melancholic side of life, such as broken relationships, lost love, estrangement, drug abuse, loss or suicide thoughts and depression. In contrast to many other bands KARG’s lyrics are as equally important as their music is.

J.J. – vocals, lyrcis all music and instruments
Paul Färber – Drums

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