KARYBDIS Are ‘In the Shadow of Paradise’

Unflinching in the face of the current trends, the band continue to forge their own path with upcoming album: ‘In The Shadow Of Paradise.’ Produced by the up and coming Pavel Daniels (CoreTone Studios) the record sees the band delve further into their uncompromising brand of melodic death metal with increased aggression and technical focus. Matthew’s blisteringly riffs, vocalist Rich O’Donnell’s savage vocal performance and the rhythm section of Jay Gladwin (bass) and Mitch McGugan (drums) holding down a tight groove, this is Karydbis’ most impressive release to date.
Unsatisfied with the death metal tradition of hate-filled gore fests, Rich album focused the album on issues close to his heart:

‘The underlining lyrical content is based upon the abuse humanity has delivered to the planet, as well as the potential consequences if it were to continue. I used each song to illustrate a scene that was grounded in everything from the personal, to dreamscapes, and the supernatural.’

Batten down the hatches and brace for Karybdis to emerge from the shadows on November 2nd.

Described by Metal Hammer as an ‘eclectic blend of melodic death metal, 21st-century metalcore and prog-tinged technicality’, Karybdis have been bringing their brutal live shows to audiences nationwide since 2009.
Their debut album ‘From The Depths’ (produced by the legendary Russ Russell) embraced a Gothenburg-tinged sound, twinned by an unfaltering hardcore groove that elevated them to the upper echelons of the UK underground. Following a storming performance at UK Tech Fest 2013 the band began work on their sophomore release.
Produced by Death Metal producer extraordinaire Mark Lewis at Audio Hammer Studios, ‘Samsara’ saw addition of guitarist Matthew Lowry; pushing the band to new heights. After stellar reviews and a string of mosh-inducing live performances, the band were invited to play Bloodstock in 2016 and decimated a packed out Sophie Lancaster stage.

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