Karybdis – In The Shadow of Paradise

My mother used to say that the music I listen – Heavy Metal – was a senseless screaming. Well, I do agree with the screaming, but not with the senseless. Heavy Metal maybe noisy, but it isn’t senseless. Science, on the other hand, as we have mentioned here a couple of times – read the article here – say that Heavy Metal helps you in a various way. Karybdis do take part in the screaming context. A lot of screaming, I must say. And that’s the way we love it. The more screaming, the best. So, mother, so sorry, you are flat wrong. Nah, please, I still love that lasagna of yours.

“In The Shadow of Paradise” is an album with an uncommon screaming even to Metal’s reality. Rich O’Donnell’s vocals are brutal, but instrumentals take the other way around. They give the emotional, I said emotional not cheesy, gap to to the album. The contrast I’ve been talking about for some time is better explained here. In tracks as “Manifestation” the contrast gets even bigger. Instrumentals are as brutal as vocals, but in some parts they leave rough behind to add some kid’s keyboards make the stand. Guitars licks work as a sweetening element in order to break the aggressive part. From where I’m standing it works just fine. I love this kind of contrast. As their melodeth peers, Karybdis’ guitars shread a lot. They do a very good job in “In The Shadow of Paradise” as a point of inflexion to vocals.

Songs of “In The Shadow of Paradise” bring  us an excruciating pain. Nevertheless, it is the pain that exists in this sad and lonely world. Karybdis bring out the sweet ironies of living. They tell us living maybe dangerous. Karybdis play with the hypocrisy of this world in songs as “Chapters” where the sweet piano starts out the song to be replaced for a beautifully sick “Chronicles” with its machine gun drumming and sharp as a knife guitars. Life’s ironic, I must say. Karybdis  are a band you should consider seriously. “In The Shadow of Paradise” is an album that should be part of your playlist.

Karybdis “In The Shadow of Paradise” will be released on November 02nd (it’s today!).

Track Listing:

  1. The Scent of Sulphur
  2. The Shadow of Paradise
  3. Manifestation
  4. The Fall of Carnality
  5. Thanatos
  6. Chapters
  7. Chronicles
  8. Whispers
  9. Abyssal
  10. Omen

Watch “The Scent of Sulphur” official video here: