KASHMIR Have ‘Balance’

Kashmir are a band from Asturias, a region located in the north of Spain. They are formed in 1988 as a cover’s band playing songs of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple or The Beatles. One year later, after several changes in the line-up, they began to compose and develop their style, influenced by the aforementioned bands, among others, such as Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Journey and more …

After three years working on the composition of their first album and playing live, they start to record what would be their first LP “Promised Land,” making history in Asturias, since it would be the first Hard Rock album recorded in the region. This maintains the melodies and the influences that mark them from the beginning but with more presence of the keyboards approaching his music to the AOR sound.

In the following years the band plays in medium size venues, festivals and opening for other artists, including Scorpions on their visit to Spain on their 1997 tour. They also participate as a guest in two commemorative albums of the Gijón International Film Festival in the editions from 1995 and 1996.

At the same time, they created The Traces of Deep Purple, a band with which they increased the number of live shows and paid tribute to one of their reference bands.

In 1997 their second album “Hard Times” was released, a mini LP with five songs very well accepted by critics, which was intended to be the preview of a new LP that Kashmir would record that same year. Due to circumstances of the record label and life, that album was never released and the band dissolved a year later.

Twenty-two years later we recovered that recording and the illusion with which it was made. Today we present “Balance.”

Band Line-Up:
Fernando Martínez (Vocals/Background Vocals)
Ángel Antonio Berdiales (Guitars)
Emilio Gutiérrez (Hammond/Keyboards)
Alejandro Espina (Bass)
Manu Maroto (Drums)

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