Kavorka – Internal Rituals

Here we have a very interesting  and promising band with a somewhat different intent and sonance. The first impression with the opening track, “Juggernaut,” is that Kavorka are a Doom Metal band, but soon the evidences point out otherwise. From the second track, “The Cadavers,” on the band goes on a mixing effort that impresses. Songs begin to receive influences from alternative Metal, some grunge, and mostly some Modern Metal. The cadence and tempo are still doomy, but the mood and feeling reach other places in a struggle to stand out the average. In “Wino” the inspired guitar solo reminds a little Tony Iommy’s in his early Black Sabbath’s era, but the feeling is somewhat Alice in Chains. The song passes a dense atmosphere, but the outcome is, however, lighter than expect. It’s not what happens to the following track “Great Peril” whose atmosphere takes the fan back to the best of the grunge years with an angry punkish vocal. The same happens to “Hindsight 20_20” whose vocals inspired in the insane Zack de La Rocha surprise the fan. The contrast with the strumming in the middle of the song also makes a point. This passage reminds a lot the early Black Sabbath’s efforts. Well, this is no wonder at all. However, yeah, “Internal Rituals” impresses the unadvised fan.

“Internal Rituals” has lots of elements brought from other influences than Doom Metal which enrich the music Kavorka make. From where I’m standing the aforementioned Zack de La Rocha vocals make a lot of difference. “Crossbearer” acquires a certain aura of true rebellion with it. And true and honest rebellion is something that many bands lack, if you ask me. The guitar work is also pretty interesting with some well-put phrases. Add to that an intriguing cover which bears an early Metal tradition of using paintings as covers. Yeah, “Internal Rituals” is an album that really impresses the fan, even more the Doom Metal fan that won’t expect those influences and changes.

Kavorka “Internal Rituals” will be self-released on March 20th.

Track Listing:

  1. Juggernaut
  2. The Cadavers
  3. Black Halo
  4. Wino
  5. Great Peril
  6. Hindsight 20_20
  7. Crossbearer
  8. Iron Tomb

Watch “Black Halo” official music video here: