KEITH RICHARDS: ‘Quitting Smoking Is Harder Than Quitting Heroin’

Keith Richards

In a recent interview with Mojo, THE ROLLING STONES guitarist Keith Richards discussed his attempts to quit smoking saying it’s ‘easier quitting heroin’.

He said: “I have tried. So far, unsuccessfully. Lou Reed claimed nicotine was harder to ‘quit than heroin’. It is. He explained that quitting “heroin is like hell, but it’s a short hell. Cigarettes are just always there, and you’ve always done it. I just pick ’em up and light ’em up without thinking about it”

“Lately, in fact – spread the news – I’ve managed to cut it down by a substantial amount every day. I’ve knocked the hard stuff on the head. I have a little wine with meals, and a Guinness or a beer or two.

Richards added: “Mind you, if I meet you in a bar and you say, ‘Do you want a drink?’ (laughs) I wouldn’t turn it down! I’m not a puritan in these matters. It’s just that it’s not on the daily menu anymore.”

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