KERRY KING On LIMP BIZKIT: ‘I Was So Offended By That S**t’


SLAYER axeman Kerry King recalls music in late 90s, saying he finds the music of LIMP BIZKIT and similar bands quite offensive.

“The f**kin’ LIMP BIZKIT era. I remember that it was the only time that I let something influence what I was writing. When we made the ‘Diabolus in Musica’ record, I wasn’t into writing music because I was so offended by that s**t.

“I couldn’t understand why anybody would make music like that, let alone like it. That was definitely my darkest time as a musician, and that definitely showed up on ‘Diabolus’ through my lack of involvement.”

Asked why did people stick with him after that, he responded: “We never tried to be something we weren’t. Fans see that. I remember being into bands and when they made drastic changes I hated it, so being in a band and being able to make those choices, that was something I never wanted to do. We were still SLAYER, it just wasn’t our best time back then.”