KERRY KING Talks About His Favorite METALLICA Song Of All Time

SLAYER guitarist Kerry King discussed METALLICA‘s 1986 classic “Master of Puppets” album with RS, saying:

“Probably my favorite METALLICA song of all is on that record, and that’s ‘Damage Inc.‘ – the best song they ever wrote.

“That’s coming from a hardcore-thrash kid.

“If you think METALLICA is thrash – and they were at one point and stayed a thrash band for quite a while – I would say they were the first thrash band.

“They were more established than us. I remember seeing them early on in Orange County, in a place we later frequented called the Woodstock. Me and Jeff would go do homework, see what bands were popping, and what’s happening.

“We heard about METALLICA and they played close enough to us that we went. And all I basically remember about that is watching David Mustaine play and ripping these crazy solos and he’s not even looking at his hands.

“I’m like, ‘That guy f**kin’ rocks. He’s awesome. He was a great talent.’ Unfortunately, his demons got the better of him and he had to go a different route.”

“On ‘Master of Puppets‘, though, there’s great stuff. I love ‘Battery‘ and ‘Master of Puppets.’ It’s a little long for me. You know, SLAYER doesn’t really make epic songs, ’cause I get tired of ’em. But that record, it’s got a billion great songs on it.”

On their latest album “Repentless,” Slayer were accused by fans of ripping off “Damage Inc.” on the “Implode” track. The song was entirely written by Kerry King.