KID ROCK Allegedly Waved Gun During Interview With Rolling Stone

Kid Rock

After years of speaking mostly to right-wing outlets, Kid Rock recently sat down with a reporter from Rolling Stone magazine. According to writer David Peisner, their occasionally unhinged conversation included Rock ranting about immigration, liberally using the N-word, and at one point, waving a gun in the air.

Aafter consuming some wine and “at least three or four” Jim Beam and Diet Coke cocktails, Peisner reported that the rapper became “drunk and belligerent.”

At one point during their political argument, Rock — whose birth name is Robert James Ritchie — reached behind his chair, pulled out a gun, and waved it in Peisner’s face.

“And I got a f**king goddamn gun right here if I need it!” he allegedly shouted. “I got them everywhere!”

Despite the singer brandishing his firearm, the two continued their conversation for over an hour, during which Rock casually used racial slurs without hesitation.

According to Peisner, Rock used the N-word several times while recounting old conversations with friends — and it didn’t stop there.

“It’s worth mentioning these are not the only times Ritchie drops the N-word during my visit,” Peisner noted. “It’d be easy to label this as the rantings of a drunk racist, but as with everything that Ritchie does, it’s hard to know how calculated it all is.”

Peisner claims that although he tried to leave Rock‘s residence multiple times, Rock kept stopping him and even asked at one point if he wanted to fight.

“Do you think you could whup the s**t out of me?” he allegedly asked, to which Pesiner responded, “Probably not.” Rock then allegedly said, “You can take a shot if you want.”

Fittingly, hours later when Rock finally escorted the journalist out, he asked him to intentionally write a terrible article about him.

“Would you do me a favor? Just write the most horrific article about me. Do it. It helps me,” he reportedly said. “Will you tell everyone that I was halfway cool?”