Kids Metal: Watch This Awesome Kids Band

There are days when you think the world and its youth are lost, isn’t it so? Your day starts with Youtube, but soon you noticed you forgot to log in your Gmail account and there is a flow of those “great suggestions” only Youtube can provide you. Despair takes over your world. A torrent of Adeles, Rihannas, and MCs from hell – not in the way we like it. You breath deeply and go on.

But then, you log in your Facebook account and a post about a kids band calls the eye. Now it’s hope which takes over. You feel the fresh breezy and give the little dudes a click. A neckbreaking thrash music wipes your ears. It’s HammerHedd, a thrash band from Kansas City, MO, formed by the brothers Henry, 16, on guitar; Eli, 14, on drums, and Abe, 11, on bass.

After watching the video, you think: “There’s a future to humankind!”

Ah, the youth!

Watch this video footage from the little dudes garage here: