KIKO LOUREIRO Is Trying to Get Used to An Eight-String Guitar


On his channel, Kiko Loureiro talked about his struggle to get used to an eight-string guitar.

The the video is called “8 Minutes Vamp With An 8 Strings Guitar (sic)” where he shows how he’s trying to get used with a guitar with two extra strings. Kio is surfing in a wave where many guitarists are trying this kind of guitar because it allows a wider range, or non-standard tunings (such as major-thirds tuning), or both. Remember what I wrote here about alternative tunings? Read about it here.

Maybe we could blame Meshuggah for their experience on mixing jazz to metal which has sparkled this wave of eight-string guitars. Recently, the band has apologized for creating djent. Read the article here.

Watch the video here: