Kill Ritual – All Men Shall Fall

Seriously, thrash metal is a subgenre that I have been avoiding for some time. The thing is thrash metal bands are the most predicatable. One look at name, at cover, and it is all figured out how it is going to be. Well, I said most of them. There are honorable bands that do not follow the formula. But I am a person that loves to be proven wrong, therefore I keep going on the quest for a thrash band that does not fit in the box. For our sakes, Kill Ritual are one of them. They are one the most varied band I have heard these days.

Ok, then, so let’s go step by step, as usual, to explore this “All Men Shall Fall.” There is a small intro, “Tales of Woe,” which is everything expected but a thrash metal one. More likely to a sympho or melodic, whatever. Second track, “This Addiction,” is more furious, but the melodic well-tuned vocals can’t fool anyone. Not thrash. Guitars are a bit harsh, but the guitarist is so talented that I do not think he can even be majored in the thrash arts. It takes less finesse. Bottomline, I would label this “All Men Shall Fall” as a power metal effort. And a very good one. It fits much better.

Of course, some tracks can deceive. The bass in “Megalomaniac” has a bit of the sense. Kill Ritual remind a little Anthrax, maybe why labeling them as thrash. Sometimes, the feeling is thrash a la Testament as in “Save Yourself,” a power balad as Testament loved to write. If we stick to that theory, it is okay. “A Re-imagining” starts almost in a zeppelinian way to embody with a mesmerizing guitar riff. “Dead Man On The Water” is simply delicious with guitar squeaks a la Zakk Wylde. Ok, then. Let’s stick to the theory that Kill Ritual are a thrash band from the earlier days, as Anthrax, Testament, and Over Kill, and we will be cool.

“All Men Shall Fall” is an album full of finesse, full of musical variation, it is impossible to label it easyly, so I’d rather leave it for you. But believe, it was lots of fun to listen to Kill Ritual’s “All Men Shall Fall.” Like I said before, I love to be proven wrong.

Kill Ritual’s “All Men Shall Fall” will be released on February 23rd via Dissonance Productions.

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