Killkount – Konflict & Terror

To enjoy Death Metal is a sui generis activity. I don’t believe any fan has ever enjoyed it for the first listen. The taste for it is something you acquire the more you listen, the more you get acquainted with it. It’s not only the speed and the wrath, it’s the different way of playing Metal; the different modes and cadence and tempo. Not only the blast beats; it’s the different sonance. But when you get used a new addiction, and exciting takes your body and soul.

First track, “Memento Mori,” of “Konflict & Terror” gives the fan the thrills first of all because the initial speech that sounds like the vilain Gru of Minions – hehehehehehehe I know it’s the most terrible comparison, but still… The complex cadence and intricate playing turn the track into one of the finest of Death Metal I’ve ever heard. That’s the thing about Death Metal, it’s noisier, but the playing is much more complex. Death Metal musicians were able to go further in both aspects that cativate metallers. It’s interesting how in “Konflict & Terror” vocals give the directions to the instrumentals or sometimes follow it. The effect can be checked in “The Koffin Feeder” or “Limbless,” for instance.

In general, Killkount were able to give the fan tracks that are above the instrumental average in Death Metal not being a technical one, and that has to be counted in their favor. There is no intention at all of being a Technical Death Metal band; tracks are simple the way they are. The intricate and complex playing is part of the game and in this case part of the show. “Konflict & Terror” is the album to satisfy both fans of a very well-played Death Metal and a brutal one. I have to congratulate the band on this.

Killkount “Konflict & Terror” was self-released on March 13.

Track Listing:

  1. Memento Mori
  2. Konflict & Terror
  3. HollowKast
  4. W.M.D.
  5. Schizophrenic Machine Kill
  6. Korruption Kauses Katastrophe
  7. Korpsified!
  8. Koffin Feeder
  9. Limbless 

Watch “Memento Mori” official music video here: