King Gorm – King Gorm

Have I ever told how I love this job?

If I have I guess I haven’t done enough because what’s the only job that can keep you updated with all the great and cutting edge releases in the world of Metal music and its adjacents? Where else an old sack of potatoes like me can see what today’s youngsters are doing? And how about the feeling of so many youngsters are doing the same music that you loved when you were in their ages?

Pretty hard, hum?

Okay, then. Here we have King Gorm and their self-titled and eponymous debut album “King Gorm” which is frankly the most amazing retromusic release I’ve ever reviewed here. There is no way the fan listen to this album and not say that it’s the real deal of the epoch. King Gorm recreate exactly the same mood there was in heavy music in the end of 1960s. This album has the same fuzz there was that time. It’s kind of a heavier King Crimson with generous doses of Uriah Heep and Deep Purple. The difference is that the music here is more acid with the Hammond keyboarding here and there and the might bass lines. The bass to King Gorm appears to be one hell of instrument due to the sick and powerfull lines there are here. By the way, go right to the eighth track “Slaughter The King” and pay attention to the killer lines. It reminds a lot the good old times of Deep Purple’s “Burn” era. But the keyboarding is head over hills Uriah Heep.

I find this kind of album so amusing because it’s not only writing the songs, it is also finding the right tone, the right notes, the right scales and the right equipment. It’s like building a puzzle with tiny little pieces. It’s also important not to mix the epochs, I mean, if the desired outcome is a real product, the epochs must be obeyed or it’s a reinterpretation not the real deal. Sometimes even the smallest detail makes everything goes wrong. But what King Gorm did here was pristine, if you ask me.

King Gorm “King Gorm” will be released on July 31st.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro

  2. Freedom Calls

  3. Four Heroes

  4. Irondale Burning

  5. Song from Brighter Days

  6. Beyond Black Rainbow

  7. The Witch of Irondale

  8. Slaughter the King

  9. Ultimate Reality

Watch “Beyond Black Rainbow” official video: