KING SATAN and the ‘Occult Spiritual Anarchy’

KING SATAN are an industrial metal band emerging from Tampere, Finland founded in 2015. The band’s carnivalesque brand of extreme metal is perhaps best perceived by their non-conforming tendency to combine the philosophical topics of Satanism and Occultism together with exploitation, blasphemous dark humor and nihilistic absurdism. The group’s genre-fluid musical style draws its major influences from electro-industrial and death metal just as casually as from the areas of dance music and even symphonic black metal.

Ever since the day one the band had stirred a buzz, controversy and acclaim around themselves with several singles, provocateur attitude and eccentric music videos. It all led into singles reaching viral charts and ever-growing demand for live performances from which the band has became known for with their energetic live shows while touring in Finland and around the Europe. Over the years the band has performed their own headliner shows but has also along the way supported many prestigious acts as Pain, Carpenter Brut, Hocico, Turmion Kätilöt, Perturbator among the others.

While the act started as a solo project of a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist KING ALEISTER SATAN, it has then evolved into a live show oriented group with full line-up. To this day the band has released two full-length albums ”King F**king Satan” (2017) and ”I Want You to Worship Satan” (2019). Even the project was founded upon the strong EBM and aggrotech roots which infused the band’s sound during its early days, the group started moving towards more metal oriented sound after their second album’s live shows, and finally with ”This is Where the Magick Happens” (2021) single on studio as well.

The band’s third full-length album ”Occult Spiritual Anarchy” (2022) was set to be released 8. April 2022 world wide, which the group will immediately promote with own shows and supporting the industrial metal legends DIE KRUPPS during their European Tour in May 2022.


King Aleister Satan – Vocals, synths, beats, programming

Hekate ”Kate” Boss – Synths & keyboards, programming, vocals

EF-13 – Guitars

Jerry Rock’n’roll – Bass guitars

Pete Hellraiser – Drums







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