Kings Never Die – Raise a Glass

Can you imagine a song that starts like Black Sabbath’s Iron Man, then goes into a Beethoven’s “Fifth Simphony” vibe and to suddenly tunr into a crossover with a strong taste of Metallica?

Yeah, there is such song and its name is “Before My Time” from Kings Never Die.

Kings Never Die are undoubtedly a crossover band. Last time I checked the term crossover was still valid. I thought nobody used it anymore. “Raise a Glass” is an EP with only four short tracks, but it is so strong and with a great touch of that punk debauchery that I decided to review it. The band sometimes bounces to the cristal clear crossover, sometimes Thrash and sometimes punk. Not hardcore, but pure punk rock. Title track is full of debauchery with a strong mocking vocal and striking guitars. Just the kind of track that makes the fan goes around and around headbanging at large. As all bands of this genre, choruses are singalongy and warcries. “Before My Time” with its “All for one, One for all” is remarkable. Another highlight is the full of notes drumming which makes the song even stronger. Kings Never Die really know how to write a good tune. “Never Know What You Might Find” has a strong taste of Californian melodic hardcore. For some that’s outrageous, not for me. I do like the chordly guitar riff. It gives the song an extra power and strength. Unlike their peers, Kings Never Die do have some guitar riffs. As a punk friend says “No need to solos in all songs. It asks for it.” I don’t agree, but whatever.

Though many Kings Never Die will say are a punk hardcore band, I’d rather consider them crossover because of the many elements from Metal. And, of course, because of the guitar solos. In its first minute and half, “The Juice” sounds as Suicidal Tendencies, which have lots of elements of crossover. When it comes to define crossover things get a little blured, I must say. Not easy to reach a consense.

Kings Never Die “Raise a Glass” will be released on February 07th via Upstate Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Before My Time
  2. Never Know What You Might Find
  3. Raise a Glass  featuring Vinnie Stigma and Mike Gallo (Agnostic Front)

  4. The Juice

Watch “Before My Time” official video here: