Kings Will Fall – Thrash Force.One

Here is a great sample of a band that updated a genre and still kept their roots. Kings Will Fall were able to mix old school thrash with more dashes of hardcore and death metal. And the result is amazing! They gave me the chance to do one of the things I like most that is the oportunity of dissecting the sonority of band. It is not common, though.

This “Thrash Force.One” is a full adrenalized effort due to the powerhouse formed by the drums and the bass. That is right there where the hardcore influences come from. It is a hardcore tradition to highlight those instruments. They add more power to songs. Guitars are purely fueled with thrash influences. The stacattos, fast riffing, sharp short solos are the motto to “Thrash Force.One.” Vocals re the source of modernity when bringing out duets with a gritty death metal voice as in “Shots for Glory.” But the driving energy comes from the thrash spirit. Songs are all high octaned with fast and furious interventions. There are even some psychedelic influences in songs like “Buster” and “Gängster 1948.” Ok, it is only in the intro, but they give a cool atmosphere. The guitar gets nieve in the middle, much different from the overall tracks only to give a more intimist vibe. Covering  Motörhead was a health tradition that bands forgot. Not the guys from Kings Will Fall that covered “We Are Motörhead.”

Kings Will Fall are one step ahead from the thrash bands I have heard because they sucessfully mixed modern touches to their sonance. It is not impossible to update the music, but one has to care not to fall into commercialism. It is a dangerous zone. But Kings Will Fall did it with mastering.

“Thrash Force.One” is a very good effort to whom likes to go far. Kings Will Fall are not a band that likes the usual. They dare to play the unusual, and thrash needs that. Some bands were getting predictable. Not “Thrash Force.One.” Ok, there are some clichés, but who do not explore them? The thing is that Kings Will Fall dare to make a change. Yeah, I know most bands did that and went pop or else. It is a thin ice zone. Bands do not know when to stop, we have a bunch of examples. But it is not the case with Kings Will Fall and “Thrash Force.One.” We all hope so. Thrash ’till death, guys!

Kings Will Fall’s “Thrash Force.One.” was released on February 11th, 2017.

Track Listing:

  1. In Dead & Mud & Misery
  2. Toxic War
  3. Shots for Glory
  4. Burn All Fuel
  5. Endless Pain
  6. Damage Crown
  7. Buster
  8. Gängster 1948
  9. We Are Motörhead (Motörhead Cöver)

Watch “Toxic War” official video here: