Kira – Peccatum et Blasphemia Review

After a post-hippie stuff there’s nothing like having a down-to-earth release as this Kira “Peccatum et Blasphemia” which couldn’t be more down-to-earth. Furius, insane, earthshaking, and blasphemous. This is an album to cherish with its striking wrathful soundtrack to the end of the world. If the world would have a soundtrack, I’m sure Kira “Peccatum et Blasphemia” would be in it.

By the intro the fan notices that what I said about being the soundtrack to the end of the world is real. Opening track “Opening the Gates of Hell” is the perfect bridge to the 1980s inspired “Lucifer’s Herald” and its ferocius lust for blood. The sharpened and keen guitar riff mixed with the full-of-effects guitar licks and solos are great samples of how a band can be furious without loosing an inch of musicality. Haters will hate it, but Extreme Metal is full of musicality. That’s what following track “One Gram of Your Soul” show us with its cadenced guitar phrases that slow down the tempo giving, at the same time, a gloomy and dark atmosphere to the song. The shoegazed cadence of “One Gram of Your Soul” shows a band that knows how to balance its emotions. Most of this atmosphere comes from the vociferating of vocalist Hellishdust who does his job as if the world would end.

“Peccatum et Blasphemia” bounces from the Blackned Death Metal to Black Metal features. It’s an album that may be extremely raw as any Brutal Death Metal song in “Necroscience” with some slowing down moments as any Black Metal band would do it. “Temple of Suffering” has some oversaturated guitar riffs whose slow speed give it an ethereal feeling. Again vocalist Hellishdust does his job as if awaiting for the end of the world. Sudddenly, “Temple of Suffering” goes into a martial cadence that reinforces the apocalyptic mood with an extra from hell voice. In a nutshell, “Peccatum et Blasphemia” does a psychotic and abnormal trip to the very depts of human existence and of this sad and lonely and pathetic world. “Lord of Hallucinations” shows how sick Kira can be. I’d say that this album is very down-to-earth as hell can be.

Kira “Peccatum et Blasphemia” was released on October 09th via Ossuary Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Opening the Gates of Hell
  2. Lucifer’s Harald
  3. One Gram of Your Soul
  4. Necroscience
  5. Temple of Suffering
  6. Lord of Hallucinations
  7. In the Devil’s Embrace
  8. The Fearful One
  9. Weakness Isn’t Breathless
  10. Silence is Consent

Watch “In the Devil’s Embrace” official lyric video here: