KISS’ GENE SIMMONS: ‘I Am All About Myself, I Love The Sound Of My Own Voice’

Gene Simmons

In an interview with Yahoo! 7 News, KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons has admitted that he and his fellow KISS co-founder Paul Stanley have their differences, and he can drive Paul crazy sometimes. “I’m peculiar,” he said. “I recognize that. I’m eccentric. I am all about myself. I love the sound of my own voice.”

Drummer Eric Singer described the relationship between Gene and Paul as “like Ying and Yang. A battery has a positive side, negative side, and together that creates the electrical energy that is needed for it to power something.”

In his 2014 memoir, “Face The Music: A Life Exposed”Stanley insisted that his relationship with Gene has slowly improved over time. But Stanley also wrote: “[Gene] chose to ignore his underlying issues and instead committed himself to creating an external façade and persona that, unfortunately, he felt required to knock down anyone who threatened his singularity in the spotlight.”

He also dismissed the notion that Simmons is some kind of financial genius. “Gene‘s most successful venture in business was promoting the perception that he was a savvy businessman,” Paul wrote.