KISS’s PAUL STANLEY Blasts Lawmakers For Failing To Take Action On U.S. Gun Laws: ‘Prayers And Sympathy Are Not Enough’

Paul Stanley

KISS frontman Paul Stanley took to his Twitter call on for tougher guns laws after another mass shooting in Texas happened this past Saturday.

He wrote: “We don’t have more ‘crazy’ or ‘mentally unstable’ people in the US. What we DO have are commonplace mass shootings with automatic and semi-automatic high powered firearms. THAT cannot be disputed. Tell me what we and our government must do. Prayers and sympathy are not enough.”

SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor recently shared his thoughts on people who blame heavy metal music and video games on mass shootings, saying:

“I think they’re idiots. I think those people subscribe to the ‘three Ds of politics,’ which is ‘deny, detract and deflect.’ And it’s exactly what it is. As soon as guns came into play again, the first thing that the GOP and the gun lobby did was find anything but the gun itself to deflect…

“It was the video games; it was the heavy metal music; it was the mental illness — it was all of these things. Now, never mind the fact that one of the first things that Trump did when he got into office was take away those prohibitions against people with mental illness, with a history of mental illness, being able to buy a firearm.

“But now suddenly that’s biting you in the a—s. Well, now it’s the video games. There are video games all over the world; people don’t have that problem. Well, it’s the heavy metal music. Well, there’s heavy metal music all over the world as well, in a lot of countries, and a lot of them darker than ours is. They don’t have that problem.”

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