KLOGR Announce ‘Keystone’ Cover Art & Tracklisting

Alternative rock metal band, KLOGR, is back, heavier and more powerful than ever. Now the band reveals the cover artwork of the upcoming album “Keystone”, scheduled to be released on October 6th, 2017 via Zeta Factory. The artwork is a piece of a painting by the renowned Italian artist, Andrea Saltini.

Rusty comments: “A while ago, I saw a paint of Andrea Saltini and I was really impressed by it. When the record came to life with its contents, I immediately remembered that painting and thought it would be perfect for our cover. Luckily it was still available and we could use it for our design.”

“Keystone” Track Listing:

1. Sleeping Through The Seasons
2. Prison Of Light
3. Technocracy
4. The Echoes Of Sin
5. Pride Before The Fall
6. Something’s In The Air
7. Drag You Back
8. Sirens’ Song
9. Dark Tides
10. Silent Witness
11. Enigmatic Smile
12. The Wall Of Illusion