Kobold – Masterpace

There are many aspects and qualities that make a great Heavy Metal band. Well, I can’t say I know them all, because if I did I’d have my own band into stardom. But one thing I can say for sure and that thing is PASSION. There is no Metal band in this lonely, sad, and pathetic world that made it without passion. It doesn’t matter if it is a Heavy Metal band, or Death Metal Band, or Thrash Metal band, or Whatever Metal band. Passion must be one of the most important components of any band. Of course, a little of trangression is also desired. Kobold with “Masterpace” have both in tracks like “Blood Drops” that differs a lot from all the album with intimistic mood given by a surprising piano tunes that in a sudden turns out into a Thrash Metal carnage. And once I dare to think that Thrash Metal couldn’t offer any more surprises.

By tracks as “Fractured” we can understand why Kobold were able to stand out from the Thrash Metal crowd. “Fractured” is a song that reunites in its six munutes lots of influences from the ancient Thrash ones as punk rock to Modern Extreme Metal ones as the gritty vocals of Black/Death Metal. Also, the guitars are big fat strong as Modern Metal use to play. The outcome is a track that may please all Metal audiences due to its extreme quality. This bricolage of influences also guarantees a great result. In fact, many bands use it to move on and build up a personality. Well, Kobold don’t need to build up a personality, they already have one as we can see by “Masterpace” which shows a new, but mature band. It’s possible to add to all a little and healthy mockery at the end. It’s strongly recommended to start your listening by “Fractured.”

In fact, “Masterpace” kicks off with a very strong flavor of the good old Nuclear Assault with sharp and fast guitar interventions and vocal duets. Even so, it’s possible to feel some hidden contributions that make Kobold personality stand out. Those are the vocal mix as aforementioned plus a choir and the guitar techniques that change to go far from the standard as in the end of the song with some dirty fingered parts. Slowly track by track, Kobold show why their reputation is growing. “Deus Ex” starts with an uncanny guitar intro that turns into an exciting and fast guitar riffing with some punk choruses. By the way, a great name to a song. And so goes “Masterpace” melding the one with the new transforming Kobold in a joyfull surprise.

Track Listing:

  1. Masterpace
  2. Deus Ex
  3. Ad Astra
  4. Vertigo
  5. Thrash Overlords
  6. Blood Drops
  7. Fractured

Watch “Fractured” official video here: