KORN’s BRIAN ‘HEAD’ WELCH: ‘Jesus Christ Is My Biggest Inspiration’

Brian Head Welch

KORN guitarist Brian “Head” Welch was recently interviewed by Australia’s ACCTV where he talked what inspires him the most nowadays.

He said: “[Jesus] Christ, I’m convinced is what the world has been given to make everything perfect again. I’m convinced of it. I’ve had encounters with him. He’s so amazing that he’s not so… He is perfect, but he brings us so close to him that he calls us his body. He’s, like, ‘Hey, everything that I am, I’m gonna give to you.

“And I’m the head, I’m the king of this whole thing, but you’re the body.’ It’s just like a vine — he says, ‘Remain in me as a branch remains in a vine.’ Just picture a vine. It’s not separated. He used that analogy. It’s just such a mystical, cool thing that’s so real. So that’s my biggest inspiration. My other inspiration is my daughter, just seeing her go towards a positive place in life and never forget where she was to where she is now. And even the guys in KORN.

“My singer is really inspiring me now, because he just went through tragedy last year [editor’s note: Davis‘s estranged wife passed away last August], and he’s using all of the pain just to become a better person, better dad, better singer, just using it all and pouring everything [out].

“It’s like it’s all for a purpose. But there’s a lot. I like documentaries. I like to watch them. There’s a lot of inspiration out there if you’re looking. I try not to waste my time on the garbage out there, whether it’s on TV or whatever, but I try to get inspired by anything and everything. I like to listen to spiritual teachers and read a lot, so that helps me a lot.”

When asked what is different with KORN since he rejoined the band in 2013, he replied: “It’s just like a huge feeling of gratefulness now. Before, it was, ‘Wow, this is happening. How cool! I’m just young and dumb. I didn’t know I was this awesome.’ That’s how it was before. Now, it’s, like, ‘Wow, what a gift we’ve been given.’ We realize, now that the party is done, about how much that we have a connection with people and that it’s a really huge gift. And it’s sometimes a lot of work, but the money is good, but that’s not the real payoff.

“The payoff is just the connection and everything. But money is good, too — I’m not going to lie. But sometimes we feel like it’s hard to even spend it, ’cause we’re always traveling and going and going. But we’ve got nice hotels and everything, so it’s a balance. But we keep the heart right now. ‘Cause it’s just about trying to do some good in the world — all of us, not just me.”