KORN’s BRIAN WELCH: ‘Words Can’t Express How Lost I Was – Being A Multi-millionaire And Not Being Able To Find The Meaning Of Life.’

Korn’s guitarist Brian Welch spoke in an interview for Fox News about his past existential issues struggles. Do we not all have them? Take a look:

“Words can’t express how lost I was – being a multi-millionaire and not being able to find the meaning of life. My spiritual life was everything for me.

“I didn’t like the religious aspect of Christianity and hearing all about it, but the indwelling Christ came and changed everything for me. And it was the best thing that ever happened to me since I was born.

“I was just done. I had this dream when I was a kid. And it didn’t involve drugs and just treating women like objects and all this stuff year after year. And it starts to wear on your soul and your emotions.

“And the touring lifestyle is not easy, so I was ready for a change. In my own mind, I couldn’t walk away, though, but when I found my spiritual life, it gave me the courage to do something for my daughter [Jennea], who was six years old at the time. She deserved it.”