KORN’s JONATHAN DAVIS On HEAD’s Faith: ‘Just Don’t Throw Your Views On Me’

Korn Jonathan Davis 2019

KORN singer Jonathan Davis spoke to Mistress Carrie of the WAAF radio station about his appearance in the first feature-length documentary about his bandmate, guitarist Brian “Head” Welch

“Loud Krazy Love” is Welch‘s story of faith-based redemption and Davis‘s skepticism about Welch‘s spiritual awakening helps to provide balance in the movie, which debuted in May 2018 at the Dallas International Film Festival.

He said: “I don’t buy into that bullsh*t, and they all f*cking know it. Don’t even try to do that to me, ’cause I’ll shut your a—s down in two seconds.

“If you look at it, it’s pretty f*cking funny how they believe and how they act,” he continued. “It’s ridiculous. I think [Head] agrees with a lot of what I was saying. It wasn’t to be mean; it’s just real and it’s true.

“I respect anyone’s beliefs, but when it’s radical, like some of those people, I don’t like that. And the whole way everything happened, I was just being real, and everybody liked that.

“I have no problem with [Head‘s faith]; it’s just the religion in general,” Davis added. “I have no problem. I’m glad that something could get him out of his dark hole and dark place. So I totally respect that. And if people need that, fine. Just don’t throw your views on me. That’s the only problem I have. Don’t push what you believe on me. I’m not doing it to you. So get the f*ck back.”

In his recently uploaded video, Welch discussed his 2005 conversion to Christianity and the impact his new awareness has had on his life, his family and the influential rock band that he co-founded more than 25 years ago.

He said in a video: “Over the years, I’ve had many annoying people tell me, ‘You just changed your addiction from drugs to an addiction to your religion.’ So let me break it down for you. When you do drugs — a substance like c—aine, for instance — it goes in your nose to the brain, affects the dopamine in your brain, comes down through your body and makes you feel this euphoria or this pleasure and this high. That’s a natural way to get high or feel pleasure or a euphoria like that. There’s a supernatural way that you can feel that euphoria and that high and that pleasure, and that comes from the spirit.

“There’s a scripture in the Bible that says, ‘No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived the wonderful things that God has prepared for us,’ or prepared for humans,” he continues. “Now, people would say, ‘Why do you believe the Bible? Why do you believe that? Why would you believe some words by men two thousand, three thousand, four thousand years ago? It’s because of the next verse, and the next verse says, ‘But God has revealed it and unveiled it to us by his spirit.’

“So you don’t have to wait till you die to see if this is real. That’s the point here. That’s why I’ve been walking in this for 14 years plus. I felt that. I was doing lines, I was doing pills, I was doing every drug you could think of, and alcohol, and you name it. And I was looking for this euphoria — to escape. ‘I want more. I wanna enjoy life.’ It just seemed like I made it to the top of the music business, and it was, like, ‘This is it?’ It didn’t bring me that euphoria. So I wanted more — I wanted it through the drugs. And once I got a hold of this supernatural spirit — this holy spirit is a person, but the substance that comes from him as he comes inside of you, pores into you, it’s love. It’s divine love. It’s pure light.

He added: “How many people have you heard that have had near-death experiences or died and came back that they saw light? Well, that’s why Christ says in the Bible, he’s the light of the world, ’cause that’s the light. And so he pores the light into you, and you can feel the glory of God in your soul. Deep within the deepest part of who you are, the core of the person of who you are — that’s where the pleasure goes.”