Korpiklaani – Kulkija

It’s no secret that I love Folk Metal. Even though Metal musical frontiers are open, in Folk Metal they seem to be more open and flexible. This is due to the permission, and need, of using traditional instruments to give more the folk aura to songs. Another reason is because I always get surprised by Folk Metal efforts. I like to be musically surprised. This Korpiklaani with “Kulkija” really does that from the beginning. Opening track “Neito” does a pretty good job about surprises. Not the fact to be in Finnish, but also some ska paced passages and the the punkish vocals. In fact, Finland has a great tradition when it comes to hardcore. Finnish sounds odd, but good to hear. It works fine to what Korpiklaani intent. Though, tracks like “Sillanrakentaja” sound more Metal than ever. Funny fact is that some languages just don’t fit well in Metal. I mean, they need to be adapted.

“Kulkija” is an album of songs. I know it’s odd to say that, but the fact is that some albums seem to a collection of songs. No disrespect in that, it’s the way it is. Even though I don’t understand a single word in Finnish, the feeling is that “Kulkija” has a track that is kept all the way. All fourteen tracks seem to be connected in any way. It is good to give a feeling of continuum. The ups and downs in pace and in speed seem to be perfectly in sinc. “Kulkija” seems to be a mythology book. Gritty vocals work just fine with traditional instruments such as violins, fiddles and accordions. They seem to fit perfectly in Metal songs. In fact, modern Metal is much more near classical music than ever. Melodic structures are built to fit not only because they are designed to, but also because they are meant to be.

The picturesque art cover is also a highlight to “Kulkija” because it’s ironic that a musical style as Metal, which is supposed to be against all traditions, can fir perfectly to national traditions. As a matter of fact, Folk Metal works fine. In a world of total globalization, nationalism is a kind of rebellion.

Korpiklaani “Kulkija” was released on September 07th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Neito
  2. Korpikuusen kyynel
  3. Aallon alla
  4. Harmaja
  5. Kotikonnut
  6. Korppikalliota
  7. Kallon malja
  8. Sillanrakentaja
  9. Henkselipoika
  10. Pellervoinen
  11. Riemu
  12. Kuin korpi nukkuva
  13. Juomamaa
  14. Tuttu on tie

Watch “Kotikonnut” official lyric video here: