KORPIKLAANI Release Accordion Play-Through Video For ‘Huolettomat’

Finnish Folk Metal Superstars KORPIKLAANI are one of the hardest working bands in the business. Roughly two months after the release of their acclaimed 11th studio album Jylhä, they’re putting out a series of nicely filmed play-through videos for a handful of their new songs. A few weeks ago, a drum play-through for the song “Verikoira” marked the beginning. Now you can watch Sami Perttula rip through the track “Huolettomat” with his accordion. Check out the exciting performance video below!

Sami Perttula comments on the song “Huolettomat“:

“‘Huolettomat’ is the product of a long process and I recorded the first ideas of this song a couple of years ago. My idea was to make a stereotypical Korpiklaani folk metal song and pick up the juiciest parts that touched me the most when I myself got introduced to the genre: energy, a good sense of melody and an uplifting rhythm. Once again the whole song went trough my bandmates’ filters and it wouldn’t exist in such a cool form as it does on the album now if it wasn’t for them. Big thanks to them again for putting a lot of effort into this song!
‘Huolettomat’ can be translated as ‘the careless’ and again the lyrics are by Tuomas Keskimäki. In the story, the carefree secretly party on an island, run laughing to the bailiff, and continue partying like it was their last day. ‘Today is today, tomorrow is uncertain’. In one review the song has been described as ‘Hakuna Matata’ by Korpiklaani instead of the Lion King movie soundtrack, and I kind of like that description.
Special thanks for the video go to media student Aleksander Grönvall who represents the younger generation of producers in Finland. With his motivation, professionalism and effort we got a chance to serve this video to you, so enjoy!”

KORPIKLAANI‘s latest album Jylhä was released on February 5th 2021. Read our review for the album here.

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