KORPIKLAANI Release Digital Single, ‘A Man With A Plan’


After a successful year on the road and many rock ‘n’ roll festivities, Finnish folk metal superstars KORPIKLAANI release the digital single for their hymn “A Man With A Plan“. The catchy track is the best soundtrack for party nights and guitarist Cane explains the meaning of the title: “This song is about our life on the road, the fun side for what we are known for. The lyrics are again also about Matson‘s planning ahead for his ‘good’ nights.”

Download the new digital single here.

In April, KORPIKLAANI already released the official video for “A Man With A Plan“, which was a charming parody of themselves and their life on the road and unfolded the tale of drummer Matson‘s ability to sleep while standing up after drinking all night. The visually stunning animation was realised by the RMIT University in Australia, who had previously approached the band with a request to create the video as part of their studies – and of course KORPIKLAANI were happy to help and be a part of this unique concept. The team spent 13 weeks working on the project with producers Aaron McLoughlin and Simon Norton, resulting in a charming and hilarious fully animated video! Check it out here: