KOURTNEEY KARDASHIAN On Wearing CANNIBAL CORPSE Shirt: ‘It’s The Softest, Coolest Thing Ever’

Chris Barnes Kourtney Kardashian

Over the last couple of days, Kourtney Kardashian made headlines after the photo showed up of her wearing a CANNIBAL CORPSE shirt.

In a photo posted by indie rock group BEST COAST, you can see Kourtney wearing a CANNIBAL CORPSE shirt with a print from their debut album, 1990’s Eaten Back To Life.

After Metal Addicts shared original story on Twitter, Chris Barnes retweeted and slammed Kourtney as “poser.”

Now, Kardashian‘s stylist Dani Michelle confirmed to Vogue that the star borrowed the shirt from her boyfriend, BLINK-182 drummer Travis Barker, who has an extensive collection of rock and metal tees.

Kourt has told me before that his closet is an archive itself,” Michelle said. “She can pick any T-shirt to wear and it’s the softest, coolest thing ever. Sometimes she just wants to raid it.”

Several years ago, Kourtney‘s sister Kim has been spotted wearing a MORBID ANGEL shirt while half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner have also sported METALLICA and SLAYER merch.

CANNIBAL CORPSE released their fifteenth studio album, Violence Unimagined, on April 16th via Metal Blade Records.