KREATOR Frontman MILLE PETROZZA On Touring Lifestyle: ‘It’s All Yoga And Health Food And Veganism’

Mille Petrozza
Photo credit: Robert Eikelpoth

KREATOR frontman Mille Petrozza was asked by Rauta on how he maintains his energy level at the age of 50. He replied (see video below): “I guess the music keeps you young and fresh. And being disciplined about poisoning your body anymore; I don’t do that anymore — I used to, when I was really young. Nowadays it’s all yoga and health food and veganism.”

“I wanna keep doing this until I’m very old. I guess that’s the key — just try to focus; focus on what’s important. And to me, the older I get, the more clear it becomes that the reason why I started this was the music and not abusing your body, not doing anything that’s unhealthy and not overdoing the partying and just focus on the music. And that, to me, was what always was the most fun anyway. So I’m totally happy.”

Mille added about his lifestyle: “I’m not gonna say, ‘Do this or that.’ Everybody should just do whatever they want – that’s my philosophy. Just go out and do stuff and find out for yourself. You might think that… When you’re young, you think you’re invincible – you’re strong and you can do drugs and you can drink everything, whatever. And once you get older, you just feel like, ‘Man, it’s not worth it.’ When I drink, I have a hangover the next day, so two days are gone. [Laughs] It’s, like, ‘No.’ [Laughs] Do whatever you want, but just be careful. I don’t wanna preach – I don’t wanna push my lifestyle on to other people.”

As previously reportedKREATOR will join forces with Norwegian symphonic black metal giants DIMMU BORGIR for a big European co-headline run in late fall. Support on the trek will come from U.S. hardcore institution HATEBREED and death metal supergroup BLOODBATH.