Kreator – Hate Über Alles Review

Behold my dear fan and child of the night! Wow, just let me catch my breath for a while. I’m holding here the newest album of a band that needs no presentation. A band that simply every and each member of all Extreme Metal bands in this sad and lonley and pathetic little world quotes as a huge influence. The kind of band that Metal music owes a lot. Simply a lot, just because it would be very, but very different without it. A band whose power shaped the way the guitars and the drumming should be. It’s too hard to find a band that could brag to have had such relevance and at the same time still making incredible records after so many years.

Havent’t you guessed the band I’m talking about yet?

KREATOR! Yes, KREATOR! The teotonic masters and pioneers of all Thrash, Death, and Black Metal sound of this damn world.

Ok, that all said I suggest my dear fan to go right to “Become Immortal” the song that simply honors the tradition and takes Kreator to the realms of the immortals. Maybe it’s a self-homage, but between you and me, I can’t say a band that deserves it best. Kreator are immortal! Ok, trying to have a non passionate moment here I have to say that if my dear fan expect from “Hate Über Alles” an album as 1985’s “Endless Pain” or 1986’s “Pleasure to Kill” or even “Comma of Souls” it will be a disappointment. Don’t do that, please. It’s not really fair to the band. “Hate Über Alles” pretty much has the mood of “Become Immortal” being more melodic than the classic albums from the band. Even faster and darker bombards as “Conquer And Destroy” have their more elodic moments. I don’t if my dear fan will like it, but the choruses in the end of the song are way more melodic than any Power Metal band in this sad and lonely and pathetic little world. From where I’m standing I loved it. Making a not fair comparison, I know may will hate me for this, but “Hate Über Alles” in some moments addresses to Running Wild, another teotonic legend. Well, what really matters is that Kreator prove to be a band that can evolve and not live from the past glories. “Midnight Sun” delivers the hypnotic guitar riffing from the past with the unexpected features of a female, Sofia Portanet who lives in Berlin, female voice that contrasts with the harsh and fiery sound of the guitars. I guess the track that most reminds the good old times is “Demonic Future” with the usual thrist for the blood.

If my dear fan are listening to “Hate Über Alles” as Kreator’s first album there will be no surprises. The album shows all the power and force metalheads expect from the band. I just don’t know about hardcore fans. As one of them I have to say that “Hate Über Alles” simply shows a band that has matured enough. Does it lacks the ferocity and hunger for flesh from the good old days? Maybe, maybe not. Just that. Kreator are no common band. Always remember that.

Kreator “Hate Über Alles” will be released on June 10th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Sergio Corbucci Is Dead
  2. Hate Über Alles
  3. Killer of Jesus
  4. Crush the Tyrants
  5. Strongest of the Strong
  6. Become Immortal
  7. Conquer and Destroy
  8. Midnight Sun
  9. Demonic Future
  10. Pride Comes Before the Fall
  11. Dying Planet

Watch “Hate Über Alles” official video here: