KREATOR’S London Show to Be Filmed Professionally

Thrash veterans Kreator’s London show 
on December 16th  at  the Roundhouse is to be filmed professionally.

Kreator’s frontman Mille Petrozza said:

“I guess the music keeps you young and fresh. And being disciplined about poisoning your body anymore; I don’t do that anymore — I used to, when I was really young. Nowadays it’s all yoga and health food and veganism. I wanna keep doing this until I’m very old. I guess that’s the key — just try to focus; focus on what’s important. And to me, the older I get, the more clear it becomes that the reason why I started this was the music and not abusing your body, not doing anything that’s unhealthy and not overdoing the partying and just focus on the music. And that, to me, was what always was the most fun anyway. So I’m totally happy.”