Krilloan – Emperor Rising Review

Sometimes the weirdest and uncanniest things happen in this world of writing reviews. I guess I was so eager to review Krilloan’s new album that I downloaded the EPK twice under two dissimilar names. So, when it came the time to review it I was puzzled why I had two albums of the same band. Unless it’s a re-released it’s not common for a band to release two albums at the same time. So, I had to look at my e-mails to try to find the mistake. So, no, Krilloan aren’t releasing two albums. It’s just “Emperor Rising” and that’s enough because the band kept their fierce powerhouse of Power Metal as we saw with 2021’s “Stories of Times Forgotten,” an album of the purest Power Metal drive. “Emperor Rising” follows the same victorius path. As I always say don’t mess with success.

So, what’s different here to tell?

Well, the truth is nothing. Or everything. It depends on where my dear child of the night looks. If the desire is a Power Metal album with all the great traits of the genre the album is perfect. It’s fast, it’s furious, it’s melodic, it’s full of double bass drummings, it’s full of singalong choruses, it’s full of medieval melodies. On the other hand, if my dear child of the night is looking for nothing of this I’m so sorry. Not here. “Emperor Rising” is a celebration of Power Metal with tracks that address to all the mighty influences the band has to show. “At the Break of Dawn,” for instance addresses to Blind Guardian melodies from “The Forgotten Tales” era. The song has the exact doses of emotion and melody with bloodthirsty instrumentals. “Into the Storm” proves that any Power Metal band of value needs to have singalong choruses with amazing melodies that makes my child of the night hum without even noticing. The power of melody. By the way, never forget the high pitched vocals. Never.

There is one thing that I appreciate and respect in Power Metal bands. It’s their belief on what they’re doing. I call this strong character. Well, sometimes it may be confused with stubbornness. As a matter of fact, the difference between both is slight and almost noticeable. However, a strong character knows when to stop; the stubborn never. An album like “Emperor Rising” shows a band that really believe in what it’s doing no matter what. I do respect that.

Krilloan “Emperor Rising” will be released on December 09th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Prince of Caledor
  2. Sons of the Lion
  3. Fireborn
  4. Return to Melniborne
  5. Emperor Rising
  6. At the Break of Dawn
  7. Into the Storm
  8. Stormlight
  9. Angels Sacrifice

Watch “Sons of the Lion” official music video here: