KRILLOAN Tell the ‘Stories of Times Forgotten’

Krilloan started out in 2020 as a soloproject. Based around composer and guitarist, Klas Holmgren from Sweden, Krilloan quickly grew into something larger than it was meant to be. One year later, the project now features members from all over the world. The vision setting out was to write songs in the same spirit as the melodic power metal, and heavy metal bands of the late eighties and early nineties.
The project revolves around classic metal themes with fantasy lyrics and the debut EP, “Stories Of Times Forgotten” was released on May 21. In late 2020 Krilloan joined forces with Stormwarrior mainman Lars Ramcke and Piet Sielck of Iron Savior who agreed to mix and master the album, Krilloan managed to get the sound they were looking for. When Felipe Machado Franco agreed to paint the coverert they had all the pieces of the puzzle to bring the vision to life.
The single “Fireborn” was released a month earlier and has been played on metal radio stations all over the world. The EP has been well received and there have been positive reviews from the international metal press. Locally in Sweden, Krilloan have done several interviews and there has been a lot of press coverage.
The album features guest appearances from the international metal scene in the shape of Jack Reynolds and Tom O´Dell from Battleborn, Matthew Correy from Fellowship and Ferran Blazeborn from Theragon.

Band Line Up:
Klas Holmgren – guitars
Steve Brockmann – guitars
Alex VanTrue – vocals
Marco Toba – bass
David Lanas – drums
Jack Reynolds – backing vocals (Into The Storm)
Tom O´Dell  – backing vocals (Into The Storm)
Matthew Correy – backing vocals (Fireborn)
Ferran Blazeborn – backing vocals (Fireborn)