KRIST NOVOSELIC Reacts To Fans Bashing Reunion Of Surviving NIRVANA Members: We Tried To Contact KURT. The Phone Just Kept Ringing & Ringing

Nirvana reunited

As reported, the surviving members of NIRVANA have reunited during FOO FIGHTERS‘ September 1 show in Seattle, to “Molly’s Lips.”

However, some of the fans weren’t thrilled about Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl, and Pat Smear performing without late frontman Kurt Cobain. Krist Novoselic was quick to react to all the criticism, writing via Twitter:

“We tried to get a hold of him [Cobain] for this gig – as many times as we tried to contact Kurt, we couldn’t get through. The phone just kept ringing & ringing.

“Kurt does not have email. In fact, I have never emailed him in my life and I have been online since 1993.”