Kyzon – Spotlight

GoodKYZON_Spotlight_Cover_1400px news, boys and girls! And I mean more girls than boys because it’s a hard rock band we’re talking about!

The time machine was invented and it works pretty damn fine!

Kyzon with “Spotlight” achieves something very difficult to bands that try to recreate certain kind of music from a distant time in the past. To be fair with Kyzon, they do not try to recreate the 1980’s hard rock scene. That’s because they were originally formed in 1994 and I guess that’s also why they sound perfectly as the hard rock bands from the mid 1980’s. That’s the key to “Spotlight”. It really is a perfect album from the 1980’s because everything expected from a hard rock can be found there. For the better and for the worst! And my guess is that they are perfectly aware of that.

Kyzon’s “Spotlight” is a Bon Jovi’s way of hard rocking piece, and I say that not only because of the keyboards, but also because of the sharp, sometimes high pitched and right tuned singer, the skilled guitarists with competent bass and drumming. It’s about the catchy songs, the bluesy keyboards and the rock’n’blues musical structures that made the genre what it is (or was). And also about the ballads, which of course, made their presence.

Just don’t expect from them a modern hard rock catch like Ten or a hard rock like Mötley Crue or Ratt. That’s not really their place.

“Spotlight” from the German band Kyzon will be released on September 23th, 2016 by MDD Records.

You can check the song When She’s Good below:


Track listing:

  1. When She’s Good
  2. Spotlight
  3. All Bets Are Off
  4. Where I Belong
  5. Somebody New
  6. Dangerous
  7. Beat Of My Heart
  8. Other People_s Lives
  9. Beggar And Thief
  10. Nothing To Lose
  11. Grenade