L.A. PROJECT Releases Video for ‘Planet X’

The Portuguese hard ‘n heavy L.A. PROJECT has released a new video for “Planet X” – taken from the EP 5 Dimensions released on February 18th. Check it out below!

L.A. PROJECT was created by the axeman Luís Amaro with the idea of being an original instrumental music project. As the themes were conceived and created, many of them, due to their originality and creativity, ended up becoming official songs. 

While Luís Amaro was responsible for guitars and bass, several musicians were invited to join him: Eric Castiglia and Mel (POLLUX, MAGNUS MEFISTO) participated with their vocal performances, while Christian Gangeri and Bernardino Ponzani played drums.

The debut EP “5 Dimensions” – including 5 songs (2 of which are instrumental) – aims to represent the hard ‘n heavy genre of the early 90s, where we can find influences from VAN HALEN, MR.BIG, and DOKKEN


1. City 339 (2:58)

2. Gimme (3:32)

3. Goodbye (3:17)

4. Rock Star (2:58)

5. Planet X (3:23)