Lacrimas Profundere – Bleeding the Stars

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” that’s what the old proverb tells us. Well, by saying that I don’t mean the cover of this Lacrimas Profundere “Bleeding the Stars.” No, no, sir. I don’t mean the title either. Sometimes things aren’t what they seem, although sometimes they really are. Those are times when looks tell much more than being. Just a fact, no right or wrong. Appearences count more than real being. From where I’m stading, it’s a shame, but as I said things are what they are. Ok, enough with the suspense. What I really mean is that Lacrimas Profundere are one of the zillion bands that I’ve only heard about. Never heard a song of them, never watched a video. Ok, a shame for the most hardcore Metal fan that dares to think that it’s even possible to know all the Metal bands in the world. Sorry, guys, it’s impossible. If you really try hard you’ll have the chance to listen only a few of them. Just a scratch on the zillion Metal bands in this sad, lonely and pathetic world. Ok, suspense again. It’s the name of the band that puzzled me because it creates some expectation. I pictured a darker and doomer band, but what I’ve got was a band with deep roots in the so-called gothic rock. I’ll explain. The best example that comes to my mind right now is The Cure. In fact, I was never really into gothic rock, so, my knowledge of bands is pretty small. I could really say ridiculous. It’s not that Lacrimas Profundere sound exactly like gothic rock bands, what I want to say is that they got from them the allowance of writing not so monolithical albums as this “Bleeding the Stars,” which melds lots of influences from Extreme Metal to Doom Metal, going through some pop tasted songs. However, this kind of melt is that makes “Bleeding the Stars” a good album. Deep rooted Doom Metal bands tend to be too monolithical, too stick to shoegazed slow dark songs. “Bleeding the Stars” is never like this. It’s dense, but allowed to some light; it’s dark, but allowed to some shining; it’s heavy, but allowed to slow down. Long story short, “Bleeding the Stars” is an album that won’t let you down.

To be really frank with you, my beloved reader, “Bleeding the Stars” was an album that I heard a lot while writing this review, not only because it brought me some satisfaction, but also because I was doing other things and I like to listent o good music while dong them. Lacrimas Profundere gave me a great time.

Lacrimas Profundere “Bleeding the Stars” was released on July 26th via Steamhammer / Oblivion.

Track Listing:

  1. I Knew and Will Forever Know
  2. Celestite Woman
  3. The Kingdom Solicitude
  4. Mother of Doom
  5. Father of Fate
  6. Like Screams in Empty Halls
  7. The Reaper
  8. After All Those Infinities
  9. A Sip of Multiverse
  10. A Sleeping Throne

Watch “Father of Faith” official video here:

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